Herbs & Citrus complex

The Herbs & Citrus Complex contains 5 plant extracts and alpha-hydroxy acids, which promote a youthful and healthy-looking complexion. With age, cellular regeneration decelerates, resulting in visible signs of ageing that make the skin look duller. The Complex contains blueberry, orange, lemon, sugar cane and maple extracts, which enhance skin tone, while the hydroxy acids leave the skin visibly smoother and softer.

Anti-Ageing & Skin Radiance
Deep Nourishment & Radiant Skin. For all skin types.
Nourishment & Radiant Skin. For all skin types.
Intense Freshness. For all skin types.
Gentle Cleansing Exfoliator.
Toning & make-up removing emulsion
Intensive action to prevent signs of ageing & wrinkles.
Complete protection against the signs of ageing & wrinkles. UVA + UVB Protection.