The Mea Natura Pomegranate skin product line has been specially designed to nourish and revitalize through a comprehensive line of daily care products with hydrating and antioxidant action. The antioxidant and revitalising properties of organic pomegranate seed oil lead to products with a high content of selected natural ingredients (88%-94%) their benefecial actioncontributes to:

  • Intensive hydration and nutrition.
  • Instant rejuvenation.
  • Protection from dryness.
  • Improvement of skin appearance and texture.
  • Softness and natural sheen.
  • protection from the signs of ageing*.

*applies to hand cream.

Anti-Ageing & Skin Radiance
Deep Nourishment & Radiant Skin. For all skin types.
Nourishment & Radiant Skin. For all skin types.
Intense Freshness. For all skin types.